Ross Cutlery

The cutting edge since 1930


Products-2Ross Cutlery carries Barbering tools and products from a wide variety of vendors and suppliers.  Here’s a sample of what we carry in our store:*



  • T-Outliner
  • Outliner II
  • Super Liner
  • Master
  • Fademaster
  • Andis XL
  • BG – Animal

  • Classic ’76
  • Turbo III
  • T-Edger
  • A-5 Animal Clipper
  • A-2 Animal Clipper
  • Sturat Large Animal

  • Senior
  • 5 Star Senior
  • Super Taper
  • Designer
  • Cordless Trimmer
  • T-Finisher

After Shaves
Pinaud, Sephan Bayrum, Lucky Tiger, Jeris Hair Tonic

Wahl, Norelco, Panasonic, Remington, Braun, Andis

Hair Dryers
Andis, Solano, Solis

Hair Shears
Joewell, Dovo, C-Mon, 44/20, Jaguar, Mehaz, Dubl Duck, Fromm, Antoine

Oster, Fromm, Master Barber, Diane, Wahl, Andis, Ace, Johnny B., Speed-O-Glide

Straight Razors
Dovo, Boker, Vintage Razors, Col Conk, Hen & Rooser, Henckels

Shaving Products
Shaving Soap, Badger Brushes, Stands, Mugs, Leather Strops, Hones, Strop Dressings

Hollywood Uniforms Smocks & Capes, Pinaud mustache wax, A+ Skin Care, MARW Barber Poles & Barbicide Jars, Johnny B Gel, Lucky Tiger, Water Bottles, Mirrors, Barber Posters, Barber Tool Cases

*Ross Cutlery does not have an online store at this time, but we’re working on it!  Stay tuned!